What is a point-of-event?

If you're a sports club, a municipality, a political body, a theater, a concert hall, an entertainment venue of any sort, you will get immediate access to a rapidly expanding media landscape with GigaAccess. GigaAccess means that your events can be broadcast easily and will be seen by lots of viewers. GigaAccess is og great value to anyone who wants to become a part of the media and entertainment industries in Denmark.

Viasat case

Denmark's biggest broadcaster of live sports is on the air: Viasat Sport is transmiting live from all ALKA Liga football matches via GigaContent's network. This means that the best in Danish sports is delivered ultra-reliably and in high quality to a national Danish TV audience every week via GigaContent. Read more about the case here.

Crystal clear TV - every time

20 Gbit/s backbone

GigaContents operates a uniqe 20 Gbit/s country-wide backbone as the basis of most of our services. GigaContent's unique technical solution constitutes the first time an optical Carrier Ethernet network has been used for dedicated, professional transmission of TV images. And it works flawlessly.

Our coverage is expanding

If you're a broadcaster and you need to broadcast more flexibly - meaning when a point-of-event does not have direct access to our backbone - you can use one of our portable solutions. In that case you will use a more standard broadband IP-connection for broadcast with or without guaranteed Quality of Service. Read more about GigaEasylink.

Web-TV in a class of its own

GigaContent's web-TV solution - GigaWebTV - is one of the best on the market. You get a web-TV player that runs perfectly on all relevant platforms including iPad, iPhone, and Android. You can read more about the technology behind our web-TV solution here.

High security & reliability with 24/7 monitoring

We monitor our fibre-based backbone and your GigaContent connections around the clock from our OMC (Operations & Maintenance Centre). This gives you the absolute highest level of security and reliability.

One HD and one SD on 1 Gbit/s

Access to GigaContent is usually provided by one or more connections of 1 Gbit/s per second each per point-of-event or company headquarter. On a singe 1 Gbit/s per second connection there is ample space for one HD, one SD, and four intercom signals. GigaContent's services can always be combined and configured to suit your needs - for advice and more information contact info@gigacontent.dk