We cover Denmark

What is GigaContent?

GigaContent offers solutions in broadcast quality for anyone wishing to communicate and bring visual content out to viewers and users - you can for example be a TV broadcaster, a media house, a TV production company, a venue for events, a company, or an organisation. If you want to be on TV, live streaming GigaContent has the solution for you.

What are the benefits?

  • Send and receive TV in broadcast quality from events in Denmark and abroad
  • Expose your company and your messages on live TV, live streaming
  • Choose from our complete suite of solutions including live streaming, international connectivity, and a TV-studio designed and delivered to your specifications
  • Monitoring 24/7 gives high reliability on our 20Gbit fibre-based backbone
  • Book your connections online instantly

Why choose GigaContent?

  • Reliability and quality: We broadcasted 5 million minutes of live TV in 2015
  • We're setting the standard: The biggest broadcasters in Denmark use GigaContent
  • We use the newest in flexible and effective content-technology for web and TV
  • Many of Denmarks biggest companies and event venues are among our clients

About GigaContent

In 2009 GigaContent became the world's first supplier of TV content services in broadcast quality based on its own fibre backbone. GigaContent is owned by the Danish telecommunications company GlobalConnect A/S.