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Nordea Bank

When you've got it, flaunt it - also when you're a bank. Nordea Bank - on of the biggest in the Nordic region - has chosen GigaContent for delivering expert knowledge to the big TV stations. This is of huge importance for the bank's image, says Nordea. Read more here

GigaContent for companies: Get TC exposure now!


GigaContent for companies: Get TV exposure now!

All companies need media attention. Why? Because we are living in an economy based on the value of exposure and attention. Companies and brands capable of attracting attention gain headway in the markets. At the same time, media coverage is much more valuable and effective than commercials, because the independent media are perceived as being more trustworthy.

TV coverage of your company made easy

The big TV-media in Denmark - including TV2 and DR - are today focusing strongly on - among others - the companies listed on the Danish stock exchange. With GigaContent you will be making it easy for the big visual media to cover your company on TV in particular.

With GigaContent you get super fast access to the biggest TV channels in the country, and you can go on air with an important news report, live pictures from the shareholders meeting, coverage of press conferences, expert commentary, and much more - and all of this within minutes.

GigaContent also makes it much easier to get exposure on the big international TV news channels, such as CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. Our customer Saxobank has already been on CNN more than once - read the case here.

One solution - lots of benefits

Another strength of GigaContent's solutions is that you can communicate based on the requirements of your preferred audience and through new and popular media, such as by delivering news reports on the Internet or by going on live local or national TV. At the same time GigaContent makes it possible for you to flaunt your specialized knowledge to a big audience - by the push of a button.

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