Viasat case

Denmark's biggest broadcaster of live sports is on the air: Viasat Sport is transmiting live from all ALKA Liga football matches via GigaContent's network. This means that the best in Danish sports is delivered ultra-reliably and in high quality to a national Danish TV audience every week via GigaContent. Read more about the case here.

We cover Denmark

GigaContent: Simple & effective

A complete solution

GigaContent always delivers a complete installation with a subscription-based service. You can also choose to combine our services into a solution tailored to your needs - for example with GigaBroadcast and GigaXchange. Then you are ready to broadcast and receive TV and web-TV over a secure and reliable high quality connection - also to and from foreign destinations.

Gain exposure for your company

We live in a world where exposure on TV is of critical importance for companies. With a simple and effective solution from GigaContent your messages can reach your preferred audience. Read more about benefits for companies here.

Exploit the world's biggest media: The Internet

GigaContent's solutions can always be combined with GigaWebTV - a web-TV service including a high-quality player with your own corporate look & feel.

Reserve your connection in minutes

You get access to broadcast TV from an event or location by first reserving your preferred connection and time slot on GigaContent's unique online booking tool GigaBooking. That means that you are in full control of your own TV production.

Get access to the most important points-of-events

You can send and receive TV directly from the most important points-of-event in the country - including stadiums, concert halls, sports arenas, companies, and much more. You get a secure and reliable high-quality connection. Our coverage is broad - and we're expanding all the time. You can read more about our technology here.