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GigaEasylink: Broadcast live content from thousands of locations

GigaEasylinkNyIf you are broadcaster or a content production company - and if you need to transmit live content from important events all over the country - then GigaEasylink is the obvious solution for you. GigaEasylink is an innovative new service making it possible for you to broadcast SD in full production quality directly from several thousand locations across Denmark.

GigaEasylink is based on a simple idea: Utilizing GigaContents access to one of the biggest broadband networks in Denmark with thousands of access points. With GigaEasylink you get a reliable broadcast-quality connection with an encoder, a decoder, and an intercom.

GigaContents industry-leading technology ensures a high quality and the solution will free you from satellites or poor Internet connections. With GigaEasylink you can easily and effectively expand your coverage of important events.

GigaEasylink includes a flight case that you can bring with you when you need to report from the field. The flight case includes all the necessary equipment to send and receive content via GigaEasylink when you are in the field and you can also use GigaEasylink as a router for wireless connections to your cameras. Content from your production is coded according to JPEG2000 and is transmitted through GigaContents countrywide network. As an alternative it is also possible to use GigaEasylink as a permanent installation in e.g. an ENG-van.

Why choose GigaEasylink?

  • Contribution in SD-quality for news services or events
  • Optimized transmission compared to satellite and/or Internet-based contribution
  • Flexible solution with a guaranteed Quality of Service
  • Broadcast live from several thousand locations all over Denmark
  • Seamless integration with GigaContents other contribution services
  • Contains encoder, decoder, intercom as an option
  • High-quality video through the use of JPEG2000-technology
  • Connections are booked on GigaBooking